Eat your veggies and find the Chinese food nearby

Eat your vegetables and find some Chinese food around the country, for example in the suburbs or on the highway.

A few things to consider before visiting the area.

You may also want to check the weather.

You can visit your local area with a guide, or check the Google map to find a restaurant near you.

Where can I find Chinese food? 

Food on Google maps is filtered by location, and is not filtered by region.

So, if you’re in New South Wales or Western Australia, you’ll find the majority of Chinese food you’ll be able to find.

But if you want to find local dishes, or just try something new, you can head to the internet and search for your local neighbourhood or town.

The same is true for Chinese restaurants, so there’s a whole new world of options to explore.

For example, in Western Australia’s Gold Coast, you may find some of the most authentic Chinese food in the country.

You’ll also be able find authentic Chinese street food.

A few of our favourites: Dong Fu (豬波健) This dish was created from the pork belly of a dog.

It’s traditionally served with rice and a fried egg.

Shuangxi (麻顺) This is a fried chicken soup with egg, chicken and pork.

Luo Xiang (萌掌)  This is a soup made from pork belly, carrots, cabbage and rice.

Bao Xiang (北安) A soup made of a variety of vegetables.

Xiangshi (钌配) A soup made with tofu, soybeans, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and onions.

Manchurian Beef (火麺) This is made from beef bones, ground beef and egg.

This dish is usually served with fried rice and is typically served in summer.

Pork Belly (谷麔) An egg dish made from the meat of a pig.

Beijing Beef (特撃麼) An egg dish with pork, egg and bean sprouts.

Curry Chicken (烟飯麲) A chicken dish that is often served with a rice dish.

Chow Yun Sheng (新达南) Pale, lightly fried chicken that is traditionally served on a wok with rice.

This is typically eaten with a soybean paste. Duck (蒸蛋) The pork belly from a duck. Jigu (香长) Crispy, spicy pork belly.

Hua Chun Shi (綜草) A Chinese sausage with egg and chili.

Nianzhong (清维) Sauce made with chicken and egg, served with white rice.

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