How Georgia’s food stamp program is doing well

A Georgia food stamp recipient has the lowest rate of hunger in the country.

In a recent study of a population of 1.6 million Georgians, the authors found that those living in the state with the highest rates of food insecurity are: 1.4% are not eating at all (a figure that rises to 3.9% for those who are still on food stamps).

Those who are on food assistance tend to be older, white, working-class, and living in urban areas, according to the study.

In other words, the people living in these places may be less reliant on the government than people living on the street.

The study also found that there are large differences in the poverty rates of the people who are receiving food stamps.

The lowest poverty rate is in the south-west of Georgia, where food stamps are most common.

In this region, just 13.3% of the population has enough money to cover basic necessities, while 36.9%, the lowest, have enough to buy food.

The researchers found that while some people who receive food stamps may have to wait in line for hours to get a meal, others may simply have to go hungry for the rest of the week, if they can.

Food stamps are an excellent means of helping poor people who have nowhere else to go.

While they may not have access to food for long, they can get the essentials to eat, and some of them will still get a decent amount of food for the time being.

The authors note that people with access to the food stamp system may be more likely to go out and buy things that can help them survive.

And the benefits of food stamps go beyond simply food.

According to the report, a family of four on a family food plan will save $2,200 in food costs over a year.

This is more than the cost of buying a house, a car, or a pair of socks.

The benefits of this food stamp plan are not just to people living with food insecurity, but also to those who live with no income at all.

It is unclear how much of this savings is due to the savings from the reduced need for food, but the study suggests that there may be a positive effect as well.

It is unclear whether the increased spending by people receiving food assistance will actually lead to a reduction in poverty, but it would be interesting to see how many people who were not on food benefits actually did get some form of assistance. 

Source: New Scientist article

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