How to Eat Hawaiians’ Favorite Seafood

By: Emily Ruhle and Andrew Houghton-GimenezFor Hawaiians, there’s only one seafood: tuna.

It’s one of the most popular foods to order in Hawaiʻi, so it’s no surprise that the country’s top-selling seafood is also the most expensive.

But, according to new research, the price of the region’s top 10 favorites is about $10 higher than the national average.

That’s because of the fact that Hawaiʼi also ranks first in the world in per capita per capita consumption of shellfish, according the World Bank, so Hawaiʝiers pay the highest price for shellfish.

In Hawaiʿi, the average shellfish price for a portion is about 14 cents per kilogram, but that’s the price you pay when you’re ordering your favorite food.

And that price is nearly double the national median price, which is $4.51 per kilo, according data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

According to the data, Hawaiʾi’s top shellfish comes in at No. 1, followed by a trio of smaller favorites, including salmon ($2.99), shrimp ($1.99) and mussels ($1,99).

All three of those seafoods are among the most widely consumed foods in Hawai’i, with a total of 7.5 million people consuming them in 2017.

The average Hawaiian eats about 1,800 kilograms of seafood a year, or about a third of the U.S. average, according a study by the University of Hawaiʒi at Mānoa.

“It’s not surprising that Hawai’is are spending more money on their favorite seafoods, since the population is growing,” said lead author Dr. Michelle Lee, an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University at Hawaiʊi at Manoa.

“It’s also a sign that there is demand in Hawaiians for seafood, as the cost of shellfishing has increased, and consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives.”

Dr. Lee and her colleagues analyzed data from 2017, which was based on data from government and industry surveys.

The researchers examined the price tags for all the shellfish served at restaurants, and the average price was based only on shellfish servings.”In Hawai’ī, shellfish prices are much more comparable to the national price range,” Lee said.

“The average price of seafood in Hawai”s top 10 is almost 30 percent higher than that of the top 10 states, including Hawaii, California, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which have shellfish-rich coastal areas.

“I think shellfish has become the most common item in Hawai`s menus,” Lee added.

“I think it is a great way to eat that you don’t have to eat a whole lot of seafood.”

Shrimp, which comes in the top tier of shell food, was ranked first in Hawaii.

It comes in two different sizes: 1,600 grams ($2,99) or 1,200 grams ($1) and comes with the same prices as the national level.

But because of its small size, you pay more for the 1,000 gram ($1).

“There are so many options, so you can choose whatever size you want,” Lee noted.

“You can buy a whole shrimp, half shrimp, whatever size.”

Lee and her team found that Hawaiians spend about half the average amount of time on the grill or barbeque.

They also said Hawaiians eat more than average seafood on the islands, with Hawaiʔi serving nearly 60 percent of the world’s seafood consumption.

“The more seafood you buy, the more you pay for,” Lee explained.

“And the more seafood that you get, the higher the price will go.”

The researchers said Hawaiʹs seafood prices could be partly attributed to the fact there are many restaurants and food-service chains in the Hawaiian Islands, where the price for the cheapest portion is generally $1.50 per kilojoule.

In contrast, Americans eat less seafood than the average of about 40 grams per day.

The researchers also noted that Hawaiian people spend about the same amount of money on food as other nations, including France, Italy, the U., the U .

K., Germany and Australia.

The report notes that while Hawai’ís seafood consumption is more than twice as high as the U and Australia, the researchers said they would be surprised if Hawai’ís price for fish were more competitive in comparison to those countries.

“We don’t know whether Hawai’Is seafood prices are due to more competition or if it’s due to a larger geographic market, but we do know that Hawai`is has the most competitive prices,” Lee told Next Big Futures.

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