‘I have no clue’: NFL’s New Year’s Eve party with a healthy alternative

New Year is just around the corner and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is getting ready to kick off his festivities in a way he hasn’t in years.

In a bid to promote healthier foods, the NFL is holding a Super Bowl party on Jan. 31 in New York City, with an alternative to the standard food party.

The New Year party is a “probiotics party,” which is not technically an NFL party.

It’s actually a vegan diet party, where attendees can eat a healthy meal in a restaurant while eating vegan food, according to a press release from the NFL.

“We want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy a great meal with their family, friends and co-workers, regardless of their health status,” Goodell said in the press release.

“With the popularity of these alternative health foods, we felt it was important to give everyone access to the healthiest food options.”

A vegan diet, in this case, is not actually vegan.

Rather, it’s a diet that doesn’t include animal products, like beef, pork, or dairy.

In this case it’s actually more of a diet focused on plant-based foods, like vegetables and grains.

The NFL is planning to hold this Super Bowl event in front of the iconic Empire State Building, with food trucks serving food and beverage items that are “off-limits” to NFL players.

The event is not limited to NFL teams, but will also feature a food truck offering “vegan hot dogs, vegan chili, vegan cheeseburgers and vegan macaroni and cheese.”

In addition to being an alternative diet party to the traditional NFL party, the event is also geared toward the people who aren’t eating a vegan lifestyle, which is estimated to account for a third of Americans, according the New York Times.

The party is free, but attendees must pay $5 per person per hour.

The NFL will provide snacks for guests, as well as a buffet, according a press conference.

The parties have been going on for years, with the New England Patriots’ last event in 2016, held on the day before the Super Bowl.

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