McDonald’s says it’s going to stop delivery food for people with food allergies

McDonald’s is cutting its delivery food program to help reduce the foodborne illness outbreak in the U.S. The company says it will no longer deliver food for those with food-related health conditions.

The company says customers with food and water allergies should contact their doctor or doctor’s assistant for a referral.

McDonald’s says the food-based program will be eliminated by the end of 2019, and it will also stop serving food for anyone with an allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, shellless chicken, beef, fish, shell-free pork, or any other meat.

People with food sensitivities will be able to get their food through the McDonald’s Food Delivery app, which is currently available in the United States.

The app currently provides a menu of McDonald’s food, but customers can choose to order from the McDonalds online store.

“McDonalds will continue to work closely with our customers to deliver nutritious, delicious food to our customers,” said McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook in a statement.

In February, the company said it would be eliminating the food delivery program for all customers with allergies, but that it has since extended the program.

Many people have been asking about how they can get a meal from McDonald’s without a restaurant.

Some restaurants, including McDonald’s, have recently stopped serving meals at their restaurants to encourage people to avoid restaurants that serve food with MSG.

It is not clear if McDonald’s has plans to eliminate the food service program.

McDonald’s said in February it would start removing MSG from food served at its restaurants nationwide by the start of 2019.

A spokeswoman for the U:Foods and Agriculture Organization said McDonalds is the only fast food company in the world that has made its food choices public.

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