What you need to know about the latest furore over cereal’s gluten content

A backlash has erupted after the Food and Drug Administration revealed that its latest assessment of what is in the cereal it regulates for people with wheat allergies has identified ingredients like corn, rice and rye.

The FDA’s preliminary finding of what it calls the “high-risk” ingredient of wheat, a gluten molecule called α-glucosidase-1, came out on Thursday.

It said the compound was present in all types of cereal and it was likely to be present in some foods.

“The use of this high-risk gluten in products containing wheat, rice or rye, regardless of the type, is likely to increase the risk of foodborne illness,” the FDA said in a statement.

“Although the product may not contain the high- risk ingredient, it is unlikely that this ingredient is safe in food.”

It also said the FDA found traces of α-Glucoside-1 in products made from oats, wheat and barley.

The company behind the cereal, Blue Moon, did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

A spokesman for Blue Moon told The Associated Press it had no immediate comment on the FDA’s finding.

The Food and Branding Council said the Food Standards Board has a duty to ensure that food meets safety standards, and the FDA is responsible for the safety of foods sold in the United States.

“We believe the agency’s finding is an unnecessary and unnecessary step that will cause confusion and harm consumers,” said the council’s executive director, Lisa Mascaro.

Blue Moon, the makers of Cereal, a cereal cereal with a name that includes the words “cinnamon” and “nutty”, has said its products are gluten-free.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other food and nutrition experts have called for a national ban on wheat products containing α-Glucoalkylation-1 (AGA), which is a protein found in the protein of grains.

The association said in its letter to the FDA that a lack of accurate information about the substance’s safety is “likely to lead to serious health concerns for many consumers”.

“Consumers may not know that this product contains α- Glucosides, a protein in wheat,” the group wrote.

“In addition, consumers may not be aware that the FDA has recently issued a preliminary finding that α-GLUCOSIDES may be present and in all foods, including cereals, and that the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has not identified all the possible health risks associated with this ingredient.”

The Food Standards Commission of Canada issued its own statement saying the FDA was “wrongly and inaccurately” placing a “high priority” on α-Aglucose, which is found in a variety of cereals.

“It is important that consumers are informed of the high potential for dietary and environmental harms associated with these ingredients,” it said.

“Our focus is on ensuring that all foods contain adequate levels of αAgluS, including those containing cereal products, to meet food safety standards.”

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