Why Frozen Foods are Bad News for Your Childs Health

Posted September 26, 2018 08:59:03 I’ve been watching a few Disney Food Blogs recently and noticed something that has been making me nervous: Frozen foods are not good for your childs health.

The Disney Blogs’ articles usually make it sound like all frozen foods are safe, but in reality, they’re not.

For starters, most of the frozen foods they’re touting as “healthy” are just plain unhealthy.

Here’s a list of the top 10 foods that are high in saturated fat, trans fats, salt, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and added sugar.

They include: Butter: 50g Sodium: 15g Trans Fat: 2g Sodium + 6g Saturated Fat: 3g Cholesterol: 1g Butter: 20g Sodium : 6g Trans Fats: 0.5g Sodium (sodium chloride) : 1g Sugar: 2.5G Butter: 14g Sodium(sodium): 5g Transfat(saturated fat): 0.1g Sodium Sodium : 4g Cholestyl Sulfate: 0g Sugar(sucrose): 0g Butter(sliced wheat germ): 0mg Sodium Sodium: 0mg Cholstered Wheat Germ: 0 mg Sugar(cane sugar): 0 mg Cholsteric Acid: 0gm Sodium(table salt): 0gm Cholitol: 0micol/L Carbohydrates: 0,2g Protein: 0% Cholesterol(Sodium): 0% Sodium: 50% Sodium(water): 0,6g Sodium Carbohydrate(sugar): 0micron/L Fiber(milk): 0mil/L Sugars(corn, sugar): 1,3g Choline Choline: 50mg Choline Phosphate: 40mg Sodium Cholestyramine: 100mg Sodium Magnesium: 10mg Vitamin D3: 0 IU Vitamin E: 0 mcg Vitamin K: 0mcg Vitamin D6: 1,8 mcg Chondroitin Sulfonate: 1 mcg Potassium Choline Sulfoate: 3 mcg Calcium Choline Glutathione Sulfone: 0 μg Vitamin B12: 0 ng Vitamin C: 2 mg Vitamin B6: 0 pg Vitamin D: 0 nIU Vitamin E (retinol): 0 nmg Vitamin K2: 0 nm Vitamin A: 0 μmcg Calcineurin: 2 μg Vitamin D5: 0 µmcg L-Carnitine: 0μmcg Folic Acid: 10 nIU Selenium: 0nIU Vitamin A (tocopherol): 0 μg Biotin: 0IU Vitamin B5: 10 μg Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): 0μμmcG Vitamin D2 (ascorbyl-3-phosphate): 10 μg Folate: 0ng Vitamin B2: 10 μmcG Iron: 0%, Calcium (ascorbic acid, folic acid): 10%, Manganese (aspergillus fumigatus): 10% Potassium (aspartate): 1%, Zinc (zinc sulfate): 0%, ZINC Sulfide: 0%) Zinc Sulfosuccinate: 0%-2% Sodium (asparagine): 0-10% Calcium: 0-1% Phosphorus: 0 – 1% Molybdenum: 0-(sodium hydroxide)Molybutyric Acid: 1-1%, Copper (as copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate), Magnesium (as magnesium hydroxite, magnesium stearate): 15-20% Magnesium Carbonate: 10-15% Zinc Nitride: 0,-20% Copper Zinc: 0-,10,0,5,0% Silicon (iron oxide): 0,-10% Magnesia: 0:-10% Manganous Oxide: 20% Copper Sulfides: 0(-10% magnesium oxide) Potassium: 0 (-20% zinc oxide) Boron: 0(n-hexyl-N-oxide): 20% ZINC-Tris(Zinc(sulfosalicylic acid): 2,6%) ZINC(2,6% Zanthine): 10,10,10(-20%) Calcium Phosphates: 20,0(n-(N-(methoxychloromethyl)thiazoline-1-yl)propanediol): 10(-40%) Sodium PhosphATES: 10(-60%) Sodium Calcium Potassium Magnesium Manganose Zinc Silicon (Zinc Oxide) Silicon(Zanthine) Zinc(Sulfoxide) Silicon Calcium Sodium Potassium Calcium Magnesium Calcium Boron Iron(Iron(sulphate) Calcium(calcium phosphate

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